Increase Event Revenue and
Enhance Athlete Value with TriDot

TriDot's Event Partner Program is a Non-Traditional, Value-Added Approach to Sponsorship that Can Increase Event Revenue and Enhance the Event Experience for Participants. 

How do you increase  sponsorship revenue? 
Sponsorship revenue is critical to an event's success. But sometimes it's challenging to grow revenue using a traditional model of selling marketing assets for a fixed fee. What if a sponsor offered you the opportunity to earn more than a traditional fixed fee? Potentially much more.
How do you improve the event experience for athletes? Is your event a value-based experience? Do you offer a turnkey package that delivers on the many needs a triathlete has when they sign up for your event? For many athletes, value is simply making participation as easy as possible.
TriDot's Event Partner Program addresses this dual benefit of increasing revenue and enhancing the athlete experience. There is no shortage of training programs in triathlon. But none include the potential revenue gains, turnkey solution and personalized training approach offered by TriDot. 

TriDot Event Partners Have the Opportunity to:

  • Establish a unique sponsorship which offers the potential to earn significantly more revenue than a traditional sponsorship package. 
  • Offer athletes pricing value by bundling TriDot with their registration or simply offer TriDot as a separate training option with registration.
  • Offer athletes coaching value through TriDot's coaching structure.    
  • Connect athletes with TriDot's value-based content and performance tools, including Endurance Film's entire video library (with TriDot Basic, Select and Premium), personalized TriDot Scores which identify an athlete's overall triathlon fitness and TriDot's RaceX tool which predicts an athlete's time and provides a complete race plan.
  • Receive additional event promotion through TriDot's content channels.
Explore becoming a TriDot Event Partner.
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