Increase Club Revenue with TriDot.

With TriDot's Club Revenue-Share Program, Training Pays-Off in More Than One Way!

Masters swimming, running, cycling and triathlon clubs can now earn up to $300 per member per year who uses TriDot for triathlon training and performance.
We recognize club dues may not always cover club needs so we're pleased to offer a program which can positively impact club revenue. 
It’s simple. The more months a club member trains with TriDot, the more revenue the club earns to offset club expenses, offer member rebates or both. 
Athletes will love TriDot’s analytics-based approach to training  as they see improved results in up to 30% less training time. And clubs will benefit from increased revenue.  
Contact TriDot today to learn more about the benefits of affiliating with TriDot's Club Partner Program to earn more club revenue.

TriDot Club Partners Have the Opportunity to:

  • Earn a cash rebate of up to $300 per year per club member who subscribes to TriDot's training for a minimum period of time.
  • Improve results in up to 30% less training for members who train for triathlons. TriDot's technology optimizes training to get the most of each hour and minimize risk of injury.
  • Leverage TriDot's content partnership with Endurance Films. TriDot Basic, Select and Premium plan athletes can access Endurance Films' entire video library (a $39/mo value!)
  • Receive free access to TriDot DIY ($175+ value), an online training and tracking log for club members who do not use a paid TriDot plan.
  • Deliver added coaching value to members. TriDot frees up the hours a coach spends writing training plans. By digitally creating and delivering each member's daily personalized training plan, TriDot enables coaches to do what coaches do best--guide and motivate club members.  
  • Access TriDot sponsor discounts.  
  • Take advantage of technology's ability to optimize training data. Leverage athlete profiles, biometrics and TriDot's big data of triathlete performance metrics collected for more than 10 years versus theory, tradition, templates or trial and error.
Increase Club Revenue with a TriDot
Club Partnership.
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